Traditional Upholstery

Traditional Upholstery is the term used for pre 1950 furniture.

Traditional upholstery is a personal favourite of Roddy Holman. With over 25 years tailoring his craft he has had hands on experience with most traditional examples of furniture.


Sundries used include - Jute Webbing, Hessian, Strings, Fibre (horse hair), Coil Springs and several uses of upholstery stitching techniques used for hundreds of years!


All traditional work is photographed at various stages upon request. Call or email us to discuss your traditional piece of furniture.  

Modern Upholstery

Modern upholstery is the term used for post 1950 furniture.


Most modern furniture is foam based with modern materials used throughout which sometimes can consist of:  Fibre Fill Cushions, Foam Cushions, Plastic Webbing, Card is sometimes used in place of Hessian and Webbing and Zig Zag springs replace the traditional coil springs.


Suffolk Upholstery, where possible tries to bring traditional methods to modern upholstery. Likewise, if budget is limited modern methods can be applied to traditional furniture.


Call or email us to to discuss your modern piece of furniture. 

Button Work

Bespoke Headboards

Bespoke Headboards are made to order to your requirements. We make these from scratch in our workshop in Suffolk using modern methods to create different sizes and patterns.


Suffolk Upholstery can provide a variety of fabrics for you to choose from, or you may wish to provide your own.


Please note that fitting is not included in the price but we have a number of contacts locally who we can recommend upon request.


Please contact us to discuss your bespoke headboard requirements.

Deep buttoning is a time consuming upholstery process that requires years of skill, technique and practise.


Deep Buttoning is an exaggerated version of buttoning. This technique consists of buttons being compressed at regular intervals through a deep filled upholstery pad then stitched under tension at the back.  A pattern of deep stuffed padded pockets is then formed often in a diamond configuration. Buttoning was a further development of tufting which came about in the 18th Century.


Suffolk Upholstery have many years of experience with deep buttoned furniture and are happy to discuss your requirements.

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